Uninterrupted Power Supply

Uninterrupted Power Supply – not just for data systems.

Have you considered using a UPS backup for your telephone system? Many companies use a battery backup for their data infrastructure, but forget that phone systems are affected by power outages as well. This is the link between you and your customers so it is important that your customers are able to reach you at any given time.

The life time of your UPS is also an important consideration. Did you know that the life of your battery system declines each passing year? Whether it is for phones or data, your UPS batteries should be changed or the UPS system should be upgraded every 3 years

You can now upgrade your system using the APC Trade-UPS program and receive up to 25% discount on a new UPS model.

This is a cost effective way to upgrade your existing power protection unit for greater running time and availability. You can trade in your old model, regardless of brand, for up to 4X the Volt Amps of your current UPS capacity.

Each trade UPS purchase comes with a full two-year manufacturer warranty on each unit purchased.

To find out more information on purchasing a UPS for your phone system or upgrading your existing model, call your Algo Representative at 604-438-3333.